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Packing tips

shutterstock_126286160.jpg If you have any questions about packing – please contact the nearest AGAP office to clarify doubts beforehand.

Take advantage of our guidance for the packaging of shipments. They will help us perform services in a timely manner and ensure the security of transported parcels.


  1. The type and method of packing should match the weight of the package and the type of articles packed!
  2. Packaging consists of three basic parts :
    1. external
    2. filling
    3. additional security (e.g. fastening with sticky tape)
  3. For the outer packaging you should use boxes made ​​of corrugated cardboard or paperboard adjusted to the weight of the shipment.  
  4. If using used packaging, you should confirm that it is in good condition.
  5. It is good to protect the inside of the consignment. Each item should be surrounded by a suitable cushioning material that protects the contents from knocks and moving during transport. Top cushion:
    1. bubble wrap (small and large bubbles)
    2. packaging, inflatable (airbag)
    3. polystyrene (fill using ‘loose fill’)
    4. customized foam containers
    5. protective foam/mousse filling
    6. corrugated lining and pads
    7. crumpled wrapping paper or newspaper sheets
  6. Fragile articles, glass packaging e.g. bottles, jars, etc., should be particularly protected. It is also good to book dedicated transport shipping – please contact AGAP to discuss the details. 
  7. There should be adequately protected closing for the packaging. It is good to use a strong wide tape or nylon-reinforced tape.
  8. It is recommended to use warning labels (type: top-bottom) and the use of tape on all the closures and joints of the package. It protects the consignment.
  9. Please make sure to read the package labeling. Labelling and transport information is put on the side of the pack with the largest area. A good practice is to put a copy of the label or other identifier inside the package.
  10. You should provide all the information necessary for the smooth delivery of the shipment (full address, name, phone number). And always a full return address.
  11. Each package must have a separate transport label. Do not bind together or otherwise combine parcels, as they may be separated during transport. Unlabeled shipments will be difficult to identify and will not be delivered to the recipient.
  12. Never send shipments containing hazardous products!

Please take care to use the appropriate packaging – inadequate protection of a package may be the cause of rejection of any claim.